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Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping

Ensure your pet's safe return if lost with identification that follows your pet anywhere It goes

Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital in Westhampton Beach, New York offers pet microchipping

A Pet Microchipping procedure is a very safe, and simple procedure. The microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is placed under your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. Every microchip is unique, allowing your pet to be identified if ever lost. Each microchip contains a registration number and the phone number of the registry. A handheld scanner reads the radio frequency of the chip and displays this information.

This means that your pet will permanently carry around your name, home address, and contact information. If your pet is brought into a veterinarian hospital, animal shelter, or animal control office, they'll do a scan for the microchip, and your pet will show up in the national database, and you will be contacted.

Get your dogs and cats microchipped today to ensure safe return if they're ever found away from home. Come into Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital in Westhampton Beach, New York today.

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